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Gateway FX 7026 memory


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I've been searching the web looking for the type of ram my computer has. I know it is 240dimm dual channel 667 DDR2 , but some sites list it as pc2-5300 and others list it as pc2-5400.


Does this make a difference?


I am about to upgrade it to 8gb, should I just get 8gb of new ram, or just add 4 more? I dont want to slow my computer down. I added pc2-5300 2gb of ram to it, and it slowed it down noticeable so I promptly returned said ram.


Thanks in advance!

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i already checked the memory configurator, different sites list different ram I can use.


so if i run more than 2 chips (i have 4 slots) it could/will slow my overall ram speed down? if i ran 2 4gb chips i would be OK then? or am I just screwed over from getting more than 4gb of ram in my computer without slowdown?



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