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A solution for the solid top


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As we can see on these very forums, there are lots of requests for a solid top panel. While i'm not one of those who want this, but i got an extremely simple idea for a follow-up solution.


It's a simple plate that fills the recessed part of the top, covering up the grill. It attaches with 4 screws and nuts, using 4 of the fan mounting holes. Here's what i managed to put together in sketch-up:




While this is a rather primitive design, hopefully it's enough to explain my idea.


While the obvious choice of mounting holes would be the ones on the very edge, i designed my cover to use 4 other holes for easier construction. At the same time, i decided against using the middle fan's holes, as that would have made the whole construction less rigid. On the next picture, red indicates the fan holes, blue indicates the ones used by my plate.




Anyone is free to use this design, including Corsair*. In fact, i'd love to see someone actually produce this.



EDIT: Jesus christ, my english is failing me. Sorry about that. I realize how terrible my phrasing is in this post.



*Yes i know that it's probably easier for Corsair to just skip the perforation and stamping on the production line for the standard top panel, and this is mainly aimed at the DIY end user, i just thought i'd give Corsair the green light in case they'd want to do it for whatever reason.

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Along the same lines...

Any suggestions for a commercial solution for the top that provides a dust filter for those using a radiator / fan setup inside the case? I am planning to have the radiator and 3 fans mounted inside the case and would love to put something both more aesthetic and functional (e.g. dust cover with maybe redirecting fins ala Cosmos) on the top....

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