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Biostar TA790GX 128M + TWIN2X4096-8500C7


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I am having real issues and I am pretty sure it lies with the ram.


Prime 95 runs fine in the CPU based tests, but the Ram based tests cause Bsods and random restarts and will not pass test 1. I am getting freezes in game etc.


I think it is to do with the Ram, Have run Memtest and it found Tons of errors from addresses 12 to 500 when I stopped it after 4 hours, also, have underclocked the ram and cpu to test stability and it still found errors in the ram. (have pictures of results if needed.)


Updated the bios to a more recent version (was having problems also with previous bios.)


Ram does seems to be getting Hot, I have good cooling in my case.


Am running the ram at:



Cas Latency: 7

tRCD: 7

tRP: 7

tRAS: 20


with everything else set to auto.


Frequency is: 533mhz


HT Link set at 2000mhz,

NB: 2000mhz,


Cpu running at 3.4ghz with ACC enabled at 0% on all the cores to unlock 4th core... (Have also tried with ACC disabled running just 3 cores but problem still occurs and prime 95 passes cpu test so 4th core is OK and not the issue.) CPU is running at around 40 under load so not a temp problem,


Have tried ram in slots 1+2 (orange) and also 3+4 (green).


Pleeeease help.





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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry your post was over looked, and will the memory pass at DDR800?

If not then Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them.

However with the CPU that you have DDR800 would have to be used and then to get the f8ull speed you would need to over clock the CPU.

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Thanks for the reply, been pulling my hair out.


The ram is stable at 800,


I have it running at 466 at the minute with the cpu at 3.5ghz and fairly stable so not a bad overclock...


Can you give me an idea of the timings, volts and clocks that should work etc to get the ram running at 1066...


Tried overclocking the cpu and the NB and HT link ie (CPU at 3.6ghz, NB 2ghz, HT link, 2.3ghz, and the ram at stock timings at 2.0v but not stable at all.


Will test the ram at 800 as soon as I get a bit of time.


Thanks Ram guy!

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My board doesnt seem to have the right timings available in the bios to run at 7-7-7-20,


Closest I can get is 7-6-6-18, suppose that means I cant run this ram at 1066 then, wont boot at 266 fsb....


Closest I can get is 240 fsb with those timings and that isnt really stable. :(


Is there something I should be looking for in the bios to let me run looser timings????



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figured out that I can only set the timings looser that 7-6-6-18 if I set the Ram to 1066 in the bios...


However this wont post, as you said, I need to set it to 800 and lower the multi and oc the FSB, but cant do that!


Tried setting the ram to 1066 in bios and loosening the timings, but leaving the FSB clock at 240 with a 11 multi but it doesnt take and CPU-z reports the 7-6-6-18 timings with 240 clock still.


Grrr, think I'm gonna just buy some Reaper 8500 with Tighter timings!

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