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TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF G overclocking help

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good day all , i'm new here at this site ,, as you can see i have inserted my system specs for any help.. i'm quite curious what the max oc is on the 8500C5DF G "08150924" , currently i did get myne to 606*2 1212mhz @ 2.3V


i got my timmings @

CAS Latency (CL) = 5 CLK







i'm curious . i do have my memory on ganged and its performing rather well ,, and i get higher clocks than with unganged , also i had my TRC cycles @ 22 - 23 but when i loosen them to 30 i can get higher frquency . now @ 1200 mhz the memory is stable the cpu is @ 3.1 ghz and 1.35 V stable ,, i can run everest ultimate ,, pc wizard , occ , and vantage .. stable @ 1200 and when i get lucky i can get 1250 with a lower cpu ratio . now my problem is how high can these sticks go ?? i have the mainboard copper sleeves instead of the fans on and the doing quite well ,, my problem is @ anything above 1200 crysis (warhead) crashes ! vantage stable , everest stable , occ 70 % stable . is 1200 the most stable oc i can get ?? anybody got higher ?? i cant tighten my timmings any more than what they are ,, and my cycles are 30 i can tighten them but then the pc boots slower ,, any advice guys ?

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"Enthusiasts Only" doesnt that mean like overclocking ? besides the memory is now old and cheap , in my country it goes for about R900-00 thats probaly $110-00 for a 2x2gig ,, but thanx for the heads up , but i think i already lost the waranty @ 2.1V or 2.2V the recommended volts are 2.1V when the bios goes into the yellow ,, then comes the 2.3V it goes into the pink stage on my mobo and then you hit red ,, i'm sure @ 2.2V it was lost , but thanx for your help the warranty never botherd me , i do overclocking and the memory lasts , got potential , i long while ago had 2x 1gig of corsair expert xms memory pc 3200 ddr 1 ( 400) ah those were the best sticks of ram i ever had but @ $350 sheesh ,, i loved em ,, after 2 years the one just died on me , couldnt find my waranty papper , so i bought a set of xms platinum for like $150 pc 3200 also CL2 then it actually worked in dual channel , so i bought another pair and had 3x xms platinum with one expert , and it worked ,, i got out of the ddr 400 memory 580 mhz @ 2.9V and expert L screen said like 35'C ,, best memory i ever had , to behonist i first bought those value select sticks @ like $55 for 512mb long ago when they were like new ,, and i got a oc out of them on a old asus motherboard a8n32-sli ,, dont know if you know it , got me like from 400 to 470 or 480 somwere there , and they would perform but heat up like a bitch! ,, any ways i do have my experiance with corsair iv used over 5 different sets of there ram , along with 2 PSU i'm quite happy with them ,, and my apologies for the image in the other thread about the PSU , i'm still new here ,


Thamx for the service Wired :)

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