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VX550W - spontaneous reboots


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My HTPC, in constant use for 6 years finally died (MB wouldn't post), so I rebuilt with all new components, and W7 RC. The first boot died after a few seconds - the power switch would not trigger a new boot, so I unplugged, plugged, waited a few seconds, then it booted normally, and went through entire OS install. A few reboots to correct some driver issues, then I shut it down for the night. Today, configured software, but at different intervals the system booted with no warning. Checked BIOS settings for power management, but no issues with overheating causing alarms or voltage drops. Replaced PSU with 380W from old PC (Antec label, 20pin + 4pin), and tuned into TV broadcast, and no reboots in first 30 minutes. Will run all night and check in the morning, but 30 minutes is 20 more than it has run today.


Is there anything else I can check?

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