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Coldboot problem with vapor-x


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As seen in my system specs i have just bought 2 vapor-x cards.

When i connect the card(s) with 1x6pin and 1x8pin i can rarely boot.

when i start my computer the videocard cooling is spinning 100% and i don't see any screen. after many many shutdowns the fans are spinning normal and i have a screen and even can normaly boot into windows i can do everything i want. if i restart the computer everything still work as it should be. But when i shutdown the computer the fun begins again.. so i have a feeling it is a coldboot problem


my question is can it be a powersupply problem?

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Hello Scarlier,


Have a look at these three threads concerning your Sapphire 4890 Vapor-x:








Are you using a DVI or analog VGA connection to your monitor? Have you tried just one card at a time? Your HX750 should be more than enough for your two HD4890 vapor-x cards.

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Hi ty for the link,


unfortunatelyi did saw them and also contacted sapphire about it but they said it should not be happening with my card (based on P/N number)


they said that it can be a powersupply.

but i did try a spare card 4870 and that didnt give a problem at all.


i just wanted to be sure that this powersupply can handle the 2 cards

so i know its not a misconfiguration :)


and i did try single card with. vga / dvi and hdmi

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after long talk with sapphire it didnt seem a videocard problem.

so i did go to the retailer and there we testen everypart of the system.


it turn out it was the powersupply (corsair 750hx).

i have a new one (antec 850w) and everything is running like a train.


it seems that powersupply doesnt work well with ati 4890

ty all for the reply's :)

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