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TX 750W Molex Rail issues


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I just bought a Corsair TX 750W in order to prepare my machine for an new vid card since I'm using a generic 500W PSU. I bought the Corsair PSU from an etailer and had an issue with one of the molex rails not supplying power from two molex connectors. I just received an RMA replacement same model, now on the replacment PSU it seems like neither molex rails are providing power. Only my SATA drive with a SATA power connector works as seen in the BIOS.


I have 2 HDD on one molex rail, 1 HDD 1 optical drive and 3 fans on the 2nd molex rail.


When I get home from work, I'm going to try running the video card and SATA drive from the molex rail by using converter cables. Also, I'll be seeing a friend with a multimeter to see if power comes out the molex connectors. Does the PSU have to be plugged in to the motherboard and powered on in order to perform the multimeter test? How many volts am I supposed to see out of the molex connector?


If it helps, my motherboard uses a 4 pin ATX 12V power connector so I'm using an 8pin-to-4pin converter in order to use the TX 750W on the board.

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I was lazy so I re-checked all connections thouroughly (2nd time doing this) and all seems to be working fine :bigeyes:. Now I didn't try the unused molex ceenctors, I'm assuming they're fine.


This was unlike the original PSU where I could not get any power out the 2 molex connectors. I tried that 5 times before doing RMA. A possible solution maybe a motherboard BIOS reset next time. Thanks for all the info. I'm sure it will come in handy when I do a PSU test in the future.


I may be retarded or something but I still only see an 8-pin connector for the 12 atx for my TX750w.


Seems like she's running fine with "testing" running on for 8 hours+.


1 question, is the TX750w fan supposed to pull air through the PSU and out the back of the case? I may be wrong because I dont feel heat coming out the back. That's how my prevoius psu worked.



Thanks for all the help..

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