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Timings for Intel DX58SO and TR3X6G1333C9


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Hi All,


My first post on these forums. I have very recently upgraded my rig to Core i7 and X58. I have 6GB of Corsair 1333MHz RAM. I have no problems sor far with these modules and memory diagnostic indicates all is well. I am however wishing to run them at the specified 1333MHz. On the Intel DX58SO motherboard however, it can either be configured manually or auto with nothing in between. On previous boards I could set some manually and let the BIOS figure out the rest but this time it looks like I'll have to enter all of the timings manually. I was wondering if anyone could help out here? Below I have listed the timings I have used so far. I have indicated those I am unsure about with a ? and those I have no clue as to what value they should be with ?!. Thanking you in advance for any assistance provided. I should mention that system performs OK so far with these values but would be good to have a starting point with the recommended values.


Uncore multiplier 20

Memory multiplier 10 (1333MHz)

tCL 9

tRCD 9

tRP 9

tRASmin 24

tRRC 74

tRRD 5 ?

tWR 10 ?

tWTR 5 ?

tRTP 5 ?

tRC 27 ?!

tFAW 20 ?!

Mempory voltage 1.50V

Command rate 1T

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Thanks again for the input but I tried your suggestion and have run afoul of Intel's BIOS again. If I reset the BIOS to default it resets the memory timings to those for a 1066MHz module so changing to 9-9-9-24 alone leaves all the others values for such a m1066MHz module which are not correct for a 1333MHz module, no?


As I said before on other boards some timings could be set to auto and it was therefore easy to do as you suggest and then set everything else to auto / default / etc. On the intel board if I come off auto even just to set the memory clock speed then it is only possible to set everything else manually. Not very well thought out IMHO but there you go. So again, I'd like to ask what values are appropriate for a 1333MHz module?


Or maybe it's me that is missing something here. Could someone please explain if so.

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Surprised no-one here knows the stock timimings for this module. After much searching to try and find these values I've relaxed tRC to 43 and tFAW to 25 but not sure if these are correct. Seems this information is somewhat elusive. I guess these are close enough but would be nice to have the stock values as a reference point.

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Thanks for getting back to me. Actually spent some time tonight checking SPD / JEDEC information in CPU-z and Everest and the updated timings I posted are correct for this RAM / mobo combo. You are correct in that the tighter 1066MHz timings will work when the clock is changed to 1333MHz but I prefer to relax these to 'standard' before playing around as I can always come back to them for the purpose of eliminating possible sources of instability.
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