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BIOS configuration for SSD

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I have an Extreme SSD (CMFSSD-128D1 ) on order. My plan is to install Win 7 RC 64 bit and later Win 7 itself plus applications on to the SSD and then have my two 500Gb SATA drives mirrored (RAID 1) to protect all my data.


My Asus P5E WS Pro Bios gives me the choice of IDE/AHCI/RAID for SATA.


I need to set SATA to RAID to be able to set up my Data array so I can't see how I can setup the SSD as AHCI which I understand is Corsair's advice.


What are the implications of this in practical terms and is there any way around the conundrum?


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You would have to check with the MB maker to see if all of the ports are locked when in Raid Mode. Normally it will only be 2 or 4 or 5 of the ports. the rest should be ATA, unless there is only one controller, but again I would check with the MB maker and or the user manual to be sure.
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