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HX750 vs HX850


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Hi all,


I just finished building my current system (see specs) but need to choose a new solid PSU to polish it off. I have read rave reviews about the HX850 and am deciding between that and the HX750, but I have a few questions (since I can't find the HX750 reviewed anywhere) ...


1.) Besides wattage, what is the difference between the HX750 and HX850 as far as parts (capacitors, etc.)?


2.) Is one quieter than the other? (different fan, slower rotational speed, etc.)


3.) Does my system need an 850w PSU or would 750w be plenty? How about if I add a second 4890 to the setup?


4.) The PSU I started this build with (from another, unnamed company) had the buzzing issue I've read about here on a few other posts. However, a second PSU form a completely different company that I pulled fomr another computer of mine has no buzzing on this new build. Has anyone experienced any buzzing issues with their HX750 or HX850? If so, were the issues able to be resolved either via RMA or some tweak to your system?


5.) My case places the PSU on the bottom to allow for air intake directly into the PSU. Is it better to put the HX760 or HX850's fan facing down to take air in directly through the PSU or is it better to face the fan upwards, drawing air from within the case?


And no worries if you can't answer all of the questions. Any information is much appreciated. :-)



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I have the TX750 (not the HX, the non-modular variant), it's not exactly what you would call "silent" when pushed (i.e. gaming) but not obnoxiously loud either. Don't have any buzzing issues. It *should* be enough for another 4890, but you'd be on the safer side with the 850, especially because the OC 4890 tend to suck quite some power. I've got a 4870X2 in my setup without any problems though.


You'd definately want it to suck air in from the bottom (not hot air from inside the case) and blow it out again into the back in order to keep the PSU temps as low as possible.

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