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S128 Windows 7 WEI decreasing. Should I be worried?


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Hi all,


I've been testing the Windows 7 x64 RC on a S128 for the past few months. The S128 was new at the time and gave a WEI rating of 7.1. When I re-installed it again a few weeks later (can't remember why), the rating had dropped to 6.8 (?). Fair enough, I thought maybe this was the RC WEI ratings bedding in. Today, however, after installing the latest Catalyst drivers I went back to the WEI to refresh it (don't know why. OCD?) and noticed that the WEI of the S128 and now dropped to 6.5!


Does anyone have any idea's as to why this is? Is it the WEI ratings being fiddled with or is it a more sinister problem with my machine/ drive?


The drive is a single JBOD drive being used for the OS, programs and pagefile. All documents are on a RAID0 array.


Any help/ ideas that someone can give me would be really appreciated. (Unfortunately for me, there isn't an SSD drop-down option in Tech Support!).


Many thanks!


P.S. I'm beginning the process of a full upgrade this next week so if there are any recommendations for a fresh start I'll be all ears!

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Hey and thanks for replying.


From trying CrystalDiskMark it does show that for a 100MB sequential read/write I'm getting averages of 98.47/74.22 MB/s. Should have done that first I suppose........ :-)

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