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HX620w starting to suspect failure....


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System specs:

MOBO: DFI Lanparty DK X48-T2RS

Intel Core2 Duo E6450 @ 3.2 Ghz

4gig DDR corsair PC2-8500c5 2.1 volts

4 1Tb HDD

1 DVD burner

1 GTX 260 core 216


4 LED 120mm fans

1 92mm CPU fan

1 200mm case fan

Audigy card


Until recently I had a rock solid machine. I upgraded from a 8800GTS 640 card to the GTX 260. After this upgrade i started getting random boots and BSOD during games. Sometimes it can be hours, sometimes on game start up. As time goes on (3 weeks now) the machine will randomly crash during idle times.

I have formatted and re-installed (tried XP, Vista, and now Windows 7) all the same symptoms. Every calculator I come across recommends even less power than this PSU provides. I have no means of actively monitoring voltages or amperage inside of windows nor do I desire staring at a tool for hours waiting for the problem. I have contemplated upgrading the PSU, but if this isn't a possible cause..... Any suggestions?

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Of course I did. As I stated in my post, went as far as re-installing my OS. The difference between this card and the 8800 gt is that it requires two PCI connections so one can deduce that it requires substantially more power. if it only had problems during 3d play I would target it only, but it happens randomly.


here is a screenie of idle temps and voltages, says nothing about amps however.

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