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Corsair XMS2 Overclock help

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Well I'm having difficulty with Overclocking my E8400, so after being redirected to this from i see you guys have the answers but I already have this old post with all the info so i hope you don't mind if I quote my self:



yo I could use some help with setting up my memory for overclocking, I know this is not the overclocking section but this seems like the best place to post. Well my problem is when I overclock my CPU (E8400 @ 3.0GHz) to 3.3-3.6 GHz i have no trouble running CPU exclusive benchmarks but any RAM and CPU bench will fail, the problem is the timing is running to tight at 1:1 Ratio all though the ram is rated for 400MHz FSB, I read up DDR timing and tweaks but when I opened my BIOS I had a **** load of options I know nothing about, well I tried changing setting to the loss 400MHz setting from what i saw on CPUID, and the test failed even faster


Well i hate to wine in every ones ear about my problem but I can't find any direction with DDR2 and changing the timings, all Google give's me is DDR2 whole sales and BS like that and the DDR Thread here is a little out dated and hard to follow so I'm asking, no begging for some help, direction or a up-to-date thread or how to DDR2 something or other.


Hey and I'm sorry this is another dry post asking for help with no end in sight but I'm really hitting the wall on this issue and I'm now starting to think I need to buy faster RAM when my current RAM will give me the overclock that i want.



Edit: I already tried increasing the Voltage on the ram to 1.9 and 2.0 but it only helps so much

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well is there any help out there, all i want to do is ease up the timing and not force all this voltage on the stick's, but i have no idea how to do that and what I just when for it and started changing the timing setting to high number's I received Fail!, I just need to get my ram up to 800MHz (400FSB) but at 1:1 ratio the auto configuration runs it at tighter timings, anyway i hate to whine but I have been checking this thread like 3-4 times a day.




BTW I apologize to Wired for posting my specs, doing exactly what the rules said not to and also missing important info, so if you need to see more I will be happy to provide... just forgive my n00bisum

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