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HX520 Powering off/on Problems


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I hope somebody can help me with this.

The written language is not my language so I do my best to write it as good and easy as possible.


I have a problem with the HX520 (modular).

If I want to power up my pc I need to push the power button twice or I need to turn the switch on the back of the psu off and on, then I can turn on the pc in one time..

(and it's not any software/boot problem, because i've checked it)


when my pc is running, everything is fine (no strange sounds, pieps etc. came out of the psu / pc),

but when I shut it down and want to turn it on nothing happens, mobo led is green and it flashed

about a half a second (the same time when I push my start button on my pc in) and then its green again and nothing happens.

and I need to turn the switch at the back of the powersupply off and on or plug in / out the powercord, before it will start up.



I thought the cables wasn't good installed in the psu or devices so i've checked it a few times

(plugged the cables in and out) but that was ok,

so I uninstalled my power supply and installed it in an another pc, but again, the same problem here.



I saw at the forum a thread with the exact problems as mine here, see:





The mentioned suggestion from specmike (latest bios, clear CMOS and start with the setup defaults), doesn't work with me.



I've done the test with the 12V rails to power a fan up like described here from specmike:




It worked and sometimes not...(verry strange..) maybe I pushed the paper clip to far down..but when it worked I heard a

clicking sound out of my psu (like elektricity pulses) don't know what it was but it wasn't a nice sound.

but what I do saw on my main power connector was that pin 18 (I'll took the jpg of specmike as refference, see the above sticky thread)

there was no pin in it, it was completly empty...so no pin, no electricity wire to connect to the pin (in contrast to the rest of the pins),

It was just an empty 'hole'.


I don't know if this is normal, but I wanted this to let you know.



So I hope somebody can help me with this.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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