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Problems with the TW3X4G1600C9DX G ram kit and asrock m3a780gxh mobo


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As reported in the title of this topic, i'm having problems (random system freeze, mostly short after os boot)

with "TW3X4G1600C9DX G" ram kit and my pc configuration.


I have done the memtest86 test, and no errors showed up.


Manually setting up the bios (memory settings), could that help? If you think so, can you please help me with the configuration?




p.s. sorry for my bad english, but i'm italian. ;)

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Cpu settings = bios default (auto to most options, no overclock, no advanced clock calibration)

Ram settings = i started with bios default (auto clock, timings and voltage), and the system was very unstable, then i manually set: ram clock 1333 (max clock supported by the mobo, without overclocking), timings 9-9-9-24, voltage 1.65 V and the system was stable for more than a day, but this morning i got a unexpected freeze. Should i raise the voltage to 1.7?

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here's a more detailed settings report:


Cpu configuration:


overclock mode: auto [cpu frequency (MHz) 200, pcie frequency (MHz) 100]

spread spectrum: auto

boot failure guard: enabled

cool'n'quiet: auto

secure virtual machine: enabled

enhanced halt state: disabled

l3 cache allocation: auto

advanced clock calibration: disabled

multiplier/voltage change: auto

ht bus speed: auto

ht bus width: auto



Memory configuration:


Memory Clock: 667 (ddr3 1333)

flexibilty option: disabled

memory controller mode: unganged

power down enable: disabled

bank interleaving: auto

channel interleaving: xor or address bit


cas latency: 9 clk

trcd: 9 clk

trp: 9 clk

tras: 24 clk


trtp: auto (5)

trrd: auto (5)

twtr: auto (5)

twr: auto (10)

trc: auto (34)


trwtwb: auto (9)

trwtto: auto (8)

twrrd: auto (2)

twrwr: auto (3)

trdrd: auto (4)

trfc0: auto (110)

trfc1: auto (300)

ma timing: auto (2)


cha addr/cmd fine delay: auto (22/64)

cha addr/cmd setup time: auto (1)

cha cs/odt fine delay: auto (0)

cha cs/odt setup time:auto (1/2)


chb addr/cmd fine delay: auto (22/64)

chb addr/cmd setup time: auto (1)

chb cs/odt fine delay: auto (0)

chb cs/odt setup time:auto (1/2)


cha cke drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

cha cs/odt drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

cha addr/cmd drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

cha clk drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

cha data drive strenght: auto (1.00x)

cha dqs drive strenght: auto (1.00x)

cha processor odt: auto (60 ohms)


chb cke drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

chb cs/odt drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

chb addr/cmd drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

chb clk drive strenght: auto (1.50x)

chb data drive strenght: auto (1.00x)

chb dqs drive strenght: auto (1.00x)

chb processor odt: auto (60 ohms)



Chipset settings:


onboard hd audio: auto

front panel: enabled

cd-in: enabled

onboard lan: enabled

onboard ieee 1394: enabled

primary graphics adapter: pci


internal graphics mode: uma+sideport

share memory: auto

sideport clock speed: auto

onboard hdmi hd audio: disabled

onboard gpu clock override: disabled

surround view: disabled


dram voltage: 1.83V - i raised the voltage to 1.8V (my mobo has only 1.77V-1.83V step), but still my system freezes ramdomly-

mgpu voltage: auto

ht volyage: auto

sideport voltage: auto

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A little update: i finally found a stable config.

in short, i setted the memory clock and timings to auto (1066 fot the clock, and timings are a little lower than the recomended ones - 8-8-8-20 if i remember well -) and the dram voltage to 1.83.


Still if you can suggest me a better configuration, it will be very appreciated :D: (i dont know how far i can push the voltages without damaging my hardware - btw i raised only the dram voltage, and i read in this forum that raising the mc voltage could also help... - yes, im pretty n00b :p:)



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