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problem with TW3X4G1600C9DHX on Asus StrikerII NSE?


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Hi everyone.


Few months ago i built a machine with TW3x4G1600C9DHX memory.

Since the first time i used it i had random freezes/lock-up while playing games or watching videos.

My computer isn't overclocked. After a month I just set the memory frequency @1600 from 1066 but I didn't noticed any change on computer behaviour.

Here there are my computer specs and test i've made trying to fix these lock-ups.

CPU: Intel core 2 duo E8500

MB: Asus StrikerII NSE (0805 bios revision, latest)

GPU: GeForce Zotac gtx285

PSU: cooler master RealPower 850W


-I've been monitoring CPU/GPU/MB frequencies and temperature with nvidia System tools and they are ok.

-I made 1h OCCT tests and they ran fine.

-I made a RAM test with RightMark: I had no errors but when launching the test i wasn't able to set the whole avaible memory for scanning (2047MB total memory? About 2010MB can be tested? That sounded strage). This program can test memory but seems like it's not able to recognize it:http://img266.im/ageshack.us/i/memory.jpg/.

-Recently I made a Prime95 stress test. I got an error the first time. Few hours after, when I had nothing to do I launch the test again raising a bit memory avaible and in a few minutes, the computer lock-up

-I made memtest. First time I had an error: Unexpected Interrupt. Second time the test was successful


I'm not sure my problem is a memory issue, but as far as I know random lock-ups are often due to memory. Also, tests I made let me think so.

I hope the information I gave are useful and complete enough to find out a solution.

Thank you



EDIT: I checked memory timing in BIOS. It was set by default to 'Auto' with these values: 9/11/11/30/2T. I tried to set them to 9/9/9/24/2T. Memtest had the same crashes.

Also, memory voltage is by default at 1,9V

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