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TR3X6G1600C8D not running at correct speeds?


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Well I recently made my 1st custom rig about 2 weeks ago, everything is running smoothly but I noticed the 1st time it booted up and every time it boots up it says my ram is running at 1066Mhz.


I have been in the BIOS but to be completely honest, I know that if I mess with the BIOS I can void my warranties and could also harm my system so I was wondering how do I fix the correct speeds without voiding my warranties or causing harm to my system.

PS: I'm running the i7 now after 7 years of running the P4 so this is a big giant leap so I was/am psyche, but when my friend said that 1066 -> 1600 makes a huge difference in performance I felt left out so i'm here trying to fix this problem before I try my luck at ocin my cpu to 3.0 Ghz+.


If it helps I noted this down when I accessed the BIOS.

DIMM - 1.500V

Target Memory Frequency 1067Mhz

Memory Frequency: Auto


I did see that I can change it from auto and make it 1600Mhz/2:10

But not sure if that can affect my system. Any tips/help?

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