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New version or strange "fake"?


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Hello all! :)

For the beginning I should apologize about my english. Its really awful... I'm unhappy to born in Russia...


I'm already using Corsair Survivor, the 4Gb version.

Today, about a couple of hours ago I bought a 8Gb version of Corsair Survivor. And I have noticed, that its external appearance seems to be different from the my old 4Gb version - specifically, it has dull surface (and "old" 4gb version has shiny surface). It is very insignificant detail, I thought, and forgot about it.

But this difference was appeared in combination with two others:

1) The cap of my new Survivor turned off more easily, than on the "old" version.

2) There are no TrueCrypt 4.3a. The drive are completely empty.


One more detail - the box of "new" version have difference. They look like this:

"New": http://avalon-tver.ru/price/price_info/155864_L.jpg

"Old": http://www.digitalhomethoughts.com/images/cgg-package-09292007.jpg (I didn't mean GT version - just style of the box picture!)


And there are "2008" and "Assy in Taiwan" on the new box, and "2007" and "Assy in USA", on the old. Hmm, maybe there is a grain of truth in my words about "new" and "old" versions? But all the same, now I'm slightly hesitating...:sigh!: My new Survivor... Is it a original, authentic version? Or was I obtained a strange "fake" and lose my money??... :[pouts:

I hope for someone's competent answer. I really likes Corsair Survivor and use it for storage and carrying extremely important (for me:)) data, and I want to be sure in absolute reliability of the device. I have no doubts about original Survivors, but "fake"... I think, you understand what I mean...

If you shatter my paranoia - and says, that all these differences are normal and really insignificant, I will be happy. :biggrin: But, of course, I prefer to hear bitter truth than sweet lies.


Thanks for all in advance! :)

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  • Corsair Employees

When we first started making Flash Drives they were assembled here in the USA but about 2 Years ago we moved all of our production to Taiwan. We had to to stay competitive with other manufacturers.

So I would expect that is a real drive as I have not any Fake Survivor Drives, they are just too expensive to tool up and make. And we no longer bundle them with any software, you can get True Crypt from their site at http://www.truecrypt.org

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