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can't get my memory to run stable at 1066


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i use to have a whea logger error event id 21 thot it was the motherboard but after replaceing it 4 times they told me it was the cpu. so i replaced the cpu and the whea logger's are gone. but i still can't get my system to run stable at 1066. i checked the memory with memtest86 v 2.11 with the memory set to 800mhz and 3 passes with no error's then i set the memory to 1066mhz 5,5,5,15 2.1volts and sli set to optimal and i get 21000 error's in memtest but no error's at 800mhz 5,5,5,18 is something rong with the memory? plus if i have the sli set to disable at 1066 the system will crash
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