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Hey Guys just wondering what I should do


I brought two packs 4GBx2 I only have 6GB going atm as I have a dead stick to RMA but anyway not my question right now...



I would like to know what to do with these ram cooler's both mine make noises and it's very annoying. At first they where quite but now the bearings are making a angry noise at me lol.


Im not all that fussed I mean I don't have to use them but as I like to overclock "cough" "cough"


I also think it's the reason why I have one dead stick as the last one I had on the mainboard failed and all three fans died :(


So yer what should I do?? should I RMA or just buy something else...


If I do RMA them do you guys have a better model cooler you can send out EG. the DDR3 one looks like to be a better design...

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But would it still clamp on ok??


I would rather it be slightly wider then failing all the time lol


on a side note this one is directed to ramguy


I live in australia where do I send a part for RMA??

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