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Corsair TX650 Possibly Failing?


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Hey everyone,


I've been having an odd problem with my new computer ever since I finished building it. Random times that I try to do a restart, be it from the bios, Windows, another program, etc it will refuse to post and begin to constantly reboot. The problem first occurred during one the routine reboots that the Windows installer does. I eventually got Windows installed, but I still often have this problem when I reboot.


Until today, whenever the computer would refuse to post my motherboard would emit 3 long and 1 short beep. This code is not listed in my motherboard manual, and Gigabyte does not know what it means either. I originally thought it was a motherboard problem so I RMA'd it and got another, but unfortunately the new one has the same problem.


After it refuses to post I have to turn the machine off with the power button and flip the PSU off, wait a few seconds, and then flip the PSU back on in order to get it to post.


Today however the motherboard no longer emits any beep code when the machine refuses to post, I can just hear the fans whirring up and down continuously.


I noticed that some of my voltages seem off according to Hardware Monitor, but I'm not really sure. I plan to check the bios readings in a little bit if I am able to. I'll list the ones that seem off to me below.


-12v: MIN: -7.74 to -8.83V; MAX: -6.53V

-5V: MIN: -13.50V; MAX: -13.50V

+5V VCCH: MIN: 3.63V; MAX: 3.74V


If those are normal, please correct me. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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