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VoyagerGT-16 not readable

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I have had a VGT-16 since 2007 and a couple days ago it started showing up in Windows as a '1M Memory Bar' when normally Windows would show it as the Voyager.


Now it is to the point that Windows detects the USB drive and assigns a letter to it, but when I click on it Windows reports 'Please insert disk in drive (whatever). In Disk Management, the drive does not show up at all. I have tried using the Removable Disk formatting tool recommended on this forum but it does not show any drive at all. The same thing happens when I put the drive in a second Windows (both XP SP3) machine.


When I try to access the drive under Linux, fdisk will not even show the drive (/dev/sdb) and the log says that the USB device was recognized but then starts showing multiple sector read errors starting at sector 0.


Please advise what my next step should be.




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