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Is PC protected from PSU failure?


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First thread, second post.


I have been struggling with a new build for 1 1/2 months now. Although I, legitimately had a couple of bad components (i7 920 CPU - bad memory controller; ASUS RIIE - DOA), most of the problems I had were because of a faulty ***** X3 850W PSU... Apparently, that line of PSUs has a problem with the GTX-285 GPU.


Anyway, I sent back that PSU and ordered a new CMPSU-850HX (to all appearances, and reviews, a much better choice - I wish I had made that choice in the first place...) I got the 850HX yesterday and installed it and all was well. Everything worked, and worked well.


I came back a few hours later to find a dark room, dark PC, and tripped circuit breaker. When I reset the breaker, the computer would not come back on. I removed the PSU and performed the quick'n'dirty functionality test (jumper'ed the green and black on the 24-pin connector), and... nothing. Completely dead. I'm now in the process of dealing with RMAing what is, apparently, a DOA PSU.


But that's not the point of this thread (I just had to give you some background :biggrin:)


Can someone comfort me with an assurance that my brand new computer hasn't been fried by the dying gasp of a bad PSU? Please tell me there are safeguards, and current limiting circuitry, and other assorted magic, that prevents that kind of downstream damage... I'll have, at least, a couple of days before I can try this again, and I don't want to worry that whole time.




- s.west (just looking for some peace of mind)

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There are over voltage and Current protection built in the ATX design however you need to remember this is DC Current and 12 Volts at 500+ Watts is a lot of power and should something short it can cause damage.
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It is now Friday morning, and I am back in service.


On Wednesday morning (two days ago) I sent a message to 'tech support express' to ask about overnighting me a replacement for the DOA HX850. Alas, I had heard nothing back before the 4:00p.m. cutoff time for overnight service with Amazon.


I proceeded to contact Amazon (~3:45p.m.) and discovered that the HX850 was no longer on their fast-track, get-it-overnight, list. So I upgraded myself to the HX1000 and placed the order. It arrived overnight, and is currently in service and performing well.


Late on Thursday I received a response to my Wednesday morning request. Unfortunately, by that time I had already ordered, received and installed the replacement HX1000 from Amazon, and packaged the HX850 for return to them.


That was the kind of quick turnaround I needed.


- s.west

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