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A sincere and heartfelt "THANK YOU" letter to Corsair!

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(First off, I realize this probably isn't the *best* section of the forum to post this, but I wanted as many people as possible on this forum to see this, along with Corsair.)


I just finished reading this article over at HEXUS.net http://channel.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=19218


Man was I blown away. I have used Corsair memory for years; In fact, the first computer I built used a pair of 32MB sticks from Corsair. Corsair's vice president of marketing, Jim Carlton, mentions customer loyalty and trust many times in the above linked article. And I have to say, Corsair definitely has my trust and I will be a loyal customer for years to come if they keep it up (I have 4 fully functional PCs along with numerous spare computer parts, and every RAM module I can find in my house right now has a Corsair label on it).


The first product made by Corsair that I purchased that wasn't memory, was a TX850W PSU. If the HX850W had been available then, I would have purchased it instead. But nonetheless, I am extremely satisfied with it. I am currently awaiting a H50 CPU Cooler to arrive in the mail and will be purchasing an Obsidian 800D case as soon as I can find them available. I have also been looking at SSDs and it is looking like Corsair is once again going to be the company that wins my money.


THANK YOU! so much Corsair for providing all the excellent products and superior service. I look forward to putting many more Corsair products in each and every future build I do. Now I'm only waiting for Corsair GFX cards, Motherboards, and Optical Drives. Then with the exception of the CPU, I could have a whole system built exclusively with Corsair products and I guarantee you it would ROCK!

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Pretty new to assembling PC's myself, was fortunate enough to buy Corsair PSU (was the ONLY modular one @ local shop...) and RAM (found some DDR3 1600 @ very good price on the 'net) and consider these 2 of the best choices I made with my first build. In the forums I visit I have not seen a single negative post about your products. I'd like to add that from what I've seen on this forum their tech / customer support is second to none! (Wish my MB manufacturer would take a leaf from CORSAIR's book)


My kids are now wanting me to build a better PC for them ... (they are using my old P4 one) and when I do I'll also be choosing Corsair PSU and memory. As per the OP, when I take the SSD plunge, Corsair will be my brand of choice there too.


If you send me a tee-shirt I'll happily provide you with some free advertising! :D

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I had returned a Corsair Flash Voyager device to your company via RMA. The process was very easy and painless. I was also happy that the RMA had no expiration date as I was working long hours and the holidays got in the way of shipping out the flash drive. I received an email confirming receipt of the device at your faculty and a few days later another email stating that the device was being shipped back to me and that the RMA was now closed. I figured that the old drive was fixed and life was good. Imagine my surprise when I opened the shipping box to find a brand new 8gb flash drive to replace the 1gb that I had sent your company! I am truly impressed and thankful that there is still a company out there that takes the time to care for its customers and provide excellent support. Thank you for going the extra mile. I will recommend Corsair products to everyone I know because they stand behind them. In these uncertain times that means a lot to consumers.

Outstanding job!




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