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Will the TX 750W run with my motherboard?


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Hello. I have a question.


I have been building on my computer a VERY long time. Now it was time to buy a Power Suply. I found out that tha Corsair TX 750W would be nice for my Graphic

Card : 9800Gtx Black edition.


So i checkt my motherboard to se what it has for connectors, Found out that i had one 4pin ATX12V so the Corsair TX 750W would work with that. Then i saw somthing that made me concern... the Corsair TX 750W Connector has a 20-24Pin ATX connector , my Motherboard has a EATXPWR 24pin connector!:?!?!... will this work. I have a ASUS P5V-X SE Motherboard that i got from my father.


This is a very big concern.. if it wont work i have to wait a long time again.. Iam building on my moped to.




And another quiestion. I have a SATA Harddriver .3.5. With the motherboard i got a power cable and a other cable, Both of them are gonna go from the HardDriver to the Mothercard. Thats not a problem but why is there a SATA Power cable in the Corsair TX 750W as well?. What will that be used for?.


Hope you guys understood me. My English aint so good :). Swedish guy.


Hope i will get the help i need here.




PS: found out this text at a homepage : Power Connectors 4-pin ATX12V connector, 24-pin main power connector

thats for my mothercard


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Compatibility question moved to the Compatibility area.


Well, you need a 24 pin and a 4 pin connector, both of which the PSU has.


Normally your PSU powers your HDDs, hence the SATA HDD power cable.

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Ah okey. so it will work then?.


So im gonna use the SATA power cable from the PSU.


Why does the PSU has so many Normal 4 pin Connectors?. One i think is for the use of a DVD or CD rom?, one for floopy and then there is like 6x of them left- i dont use floopy.

What to do with the rest of the 6x 4pin connectors?. Can i take advantage of them anyway then?. Iam thinking of buying the 650W instead. After i get a answear on this question , then ill buy it

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