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RAM Advice for Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6


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I am currently building a new PC and could do with some advice on the best RAM to use with the above motherboard. I'm looking to fit 2 x 2GB of either PC6400 or PC8500, but won't be doing any overclocking - I just want something reasonably fast and reliable. So:

- will I see a significant performance increase with PC8500 rather than PC6400?

- the motherboard manual specifies 1.8V modules, whereas the Configurator lists some at 2.1V - does this matter?

- I've seen some cheap deals on RAM kits specified as TWIN2X4096-8500C5C (around £37 compared to around £50 for TWIN2X4096-8500C5). They seem to have similar specs, but I can't find any mention of them on the Corsair website, and they're not listed by the Configurator. Would they be compatible, and if so what difference would I see in performance or reliability if I went for the more expensive kit?

The PC will be used by my teenage son for the usual mix of things, but probably not really high-end gaming.

Thanks for any help.

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OK, many thanks for the advice. As a matter of interest, what is the downside of using the PC2-8500 (apart from cost obviously)? I had assumed there would be some performance gain from it, even without overclocking - or is it likely to be marginal?

Thanks again.

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