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ATX 12v 8pin compatibility issue with Corsair HX450W


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So I have a little problem. I'm upgrading a PC and rather than sticking with my old PSU I decided it's time for a nice solid one to match the new rig.


I purchased a Corsair HX450W.

The motherboard it will be attached to is a XFX GeForce 8300 Socket AM2+.


All was looking fine an dandy until it all arrived...








You might be able to work out, the right hand connector of the first picture fits fine in the left hand connector of the second picture.

That just leaves 1 connector and 4 empty pins.


I should point out though, that even though the shapes don't match up it will fit as the rounded ones are smaller than the squares. I can only assume that the second 4pin connector has no set standard of shape, so Corsair have made them all round so they will always fit?

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