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Hi, might seem an odd use but I've actually bought an HX1000W as a power supply for testing some hardware.


The hardware in question requires 2 350W rails. Basically: is it possible to draw these currents from a single connector on the required rail or to draw (e.g. the full 500W) from each rail will the outputs have to be joined together?


Hope that makes sense.

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The conversion of Amps to Watts is governed by the equation Watts = Amps x Volts

For example 1 amp * 110 volts = 110 watts



HX1000 specs.......................................................
AC INPUT   	 100-240V, Current: 13A, Frequency: 50-60Hz
DC OUTPUT 	+12V1 	+5V 	+12V2 	+3.3V 	-12V 	+5Vsb
MAX LOAD 	  40A 	  30A 	 40A 	 30A 	  0.8A 	 3.5A


12v1 and 12v2 both output 400 watts. appears it will meet your specs.

good luck with your project.

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Sorry for the slow response, was expecting an email to pop through with the replies...


I knew everything that had been said in the replies. The rail diagram doesn't really help that much since it doesn't specify whether you can pull all 400W through one connector. Doesn't matter that much since I'll be cutting the cables and joining them up now, spread the load out across the cables a bit.


Thanks anyway


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