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Power supply SATA cables for HX620


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Hello everyone, I start saying that I'm sorry for my english, so if you find something that it's incomprehensible don't worry.;):


My problem is that I need two SATA power supply cables, and already asked for them once, sending an e-mail to the address that is shown on the site. Without any confirm by me, I received four SATA power supply cables that are all equal and don't coincide with the type that I asked and I still need. I would like one SATA cables to connect 4 HDs ( four SATA connectors + PSU connector ) with my PSU, but I really don't know if it exist, or if it's possible 3 SATA cables with 2 SATA connectors each. I need also a cable to connect my optical drive to the PSU, and so I just want to know if exists a very short cable to connect my SATA drive to the PSU. I hope to have been enough clear but to sum what I need:


- 1 SATA power supply cable with four SATA connectors and 1 SATA power supply cable very short and if it's possible with just 1 connector.


- 3 SATA power supply cables with 2 SATA connectors each ( and I'm sure that this type exists )


Thank you.:D:

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