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Have a question for Corsair regarding our case/cooling products?


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Do you have a question for our product development team with regards to our case and cooling products? Leave them here and on Friday (07.24) we'll have a video Q&A session. Please submit questions by Wednesday (07.22)


Thanks guys & gals!

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Here are some questions off the top of my head, i hope it's okay to post more than one.


*Feet. We haven't seen those in detail yet.

*Top radiator mount. Some info on fan spacing would be nice so we can figure out if our rads would fit.

*Changes in the final version from the early samples we've seen. (i bet many of us would love to know that, a little trivia for the fanboys and girls)

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*Air Filters. Besides the power supply air intake filter on the bottom of the case, are there any other intake dust filters?


*Air pressure. Will the Corsair 800d have positive (like in the Silverstone Fortress) or negative air pressure?

Does positive air pressure actually improve thermals and reduce dust intake or is it just marketing hype? Is air pressure something you have thought about?


*SSD compatibility with hot-swappable bays. Will SSDs work?

I know they do, but you might want to clarify for everyone. The TweakTown video makes it seem like you need to buy an extra adapter that doesn't come with the case.


*Release date? Can you give an estimate of when the 800d might be available?



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1. Will the fan mounts support holes for both 120mm & 140mm case fans? If not, can you add this feature before release? ((Some fan manufacturers seem to be releasing 140mm fans with 120mm mounts instead of 140mm mounts.))


2. You state that you will release a seperate solid side panel. What about a solid top panel and/or an optical drive front bezel cover to hide the front of our optical drive(s)?


3. Will any of the internal case parts (i.e. drive cages) be removable like other high-end cases, or will they be riveted? Some modders like the ability to remove parts without having to drill out rivets.


Great job so far guys...kick *** case!!! :)

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Most Card readers come in the 3.5 format. Will it be possible to mount it in the hot swap area or will you be offering and adapter and bezel. I would hate to mess up the front of this beautiful case with some plastic face plate. My preference would be to mount it behind the Hot Swap door if possible since the fan controller and Blu-Ray drives will occupy the 3 top 5.25 bays.


Any thoughts?

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1. will there be optical drive bay covers something like the competition has? it'd be a shame to have such a lovely case and ugly optical drives mucking it up in front. at least the confirmation that such an accessory will someday be available would appease me.


2. will we receive any extra hot swap cages? i think that would make the hot swap bays most useful, being able to swap more than 4 drives without the need to unscrew a a drive from a cage. will they at least be sold separately so we can add them at a later time?


3. i think i remember reading there are screw holes for both 120 and 140mm fans for the rear exhaust and possibly the bottom intake, is this true?


4. how dedicated is corsair to making and coming up with accessories for their cases? one of the major selling points for the competition for me at least is they have so many replacement parts and accessories that are compatible with nearly all their cases. i think something like that could help corsair hold onto customers buying their cases for much longer.


5. i know this one has already probably missed the boat, but is there any chance the fan filter on the bottom of the case has been made accessible from the front? while not a deal breaker, accessing it from the rear i can see being much less convenient for most users. still it's a much better solution than i've encountered on most cases so bravo to that anyways!

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