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flash drive quits after restart


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I'm new around here and thought some one might have experienced this or have asome knowledge about this


when the system is on and I conncet a usb Flash drive I have no problems with it until I reboot or

shut down completely and power up. Then the flash drive does not work. the flash dirves LED

does not show activity during bootup as in a normal operation. The drive is a Corsair Flas

Voyager CMFUSB2.0-8GB. This problem happens when there is data, or above a certain

amount of data on the drive. I don't have this problem when there is no data or some smaller

amount. I have no problems with this drive on my other 2 systems (an Acer tablet and the other

one with a maximus extreme MOBO}. It seems to be some kind of a time out issue for when

the drive is emty it comes up faster as opposed to when it is half full it takes lonnger for the

LED activity during boot.

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