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Corsair HX 520 watts > 110v AND 220v?? Questions


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I wanted to buy a Corsair HX520 watts but i realized i got an important question without answer for now.

I'm French and live in France, here we use 220v for PSU etc. (and 50hz for TV etc.)

The problem is that i'm moving soon to live in Mexico. And as i know, in Mexico the system is 110v and not 220v (and 60hz and not 50hz like in France)


1) I know that some PSU and hardware can work without have to switch anything, in 110v or 220v...is it the case about this corsair PSU?? (or the TX and VX models too)?


2) If it will work, is it absolutely no risk?


3) All i'll have to do is plug the cord in the adapter (the one to plug french stuffs on foreign "walls" (don't know the word sorry) on the wall and that's it?


4) If it's not the case, is there a silent corsair PSU that does 110v AND 220v (with or without a switch on the PSU)


5) Will i lose power to go from 220v to 110v?


Thank you

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All Corsair PSUs support universal AC input 90~264V automatically scans and detects the correct voltage; however, you do need a outlet adapter.
Fantastic then. I was afraid i'll have to buy a PSU in mexico...they don"t have much corsair there.


I don''t lose power or eficiency with a outlet adapter, passing from 220v (france) to 110v in mexico??

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