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3 dead corsair 750tx ?

Worst luck

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The first was doa, the second actually caused some flames to appear I believe in the power supply and the third is not broken necessarily but it won't boot right off the bat.


The first 2 were tested with paperclips prior to installing them into a computer with the first failing out of the box and the second one failed after 8 months.


The 3rd one will not boot it up if connected to the motherboard's 24 pin connection. Currently I am using a second power supply to power the motherboard's 24pin connection while using the corsair to power everything else. If you look at my system below you'll see that I definitely do not run a heavy load, I chose corsair for sound levels and stability. So far they have been very quiet but I'm having some serious issues with reliability. The 3rd still spins it's fans and can adequately power components fine but will not power anything if connected to the 24 pin motherboard.


If the 750 is connected to the main motherboard it will not spin fans or boot. It appears to begin to boot for 1/4 a second, fans spin slightly and leds flash. There is no short/sparks or anything like that. I get the power led on my asus p6t lit up when connected. If I connect any other power supply to the 24pin it will boot up so it definitely is not an issue with my build. Do I really have to pay another 20 dollars to rma it? and is there an option to permanently return it for money considering this is the second time it's died? I just want my computer to work :(:.


It seems like the connector to the motherboard is damaged ( no damage visible on the cable ), that's my best guess at least. Thanks for reading my long post.

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Fair enough, has anyone else received a refund? It appears that my motherboards may be incompatible, the 750 is detecting a short and will not power on. Something to do with one connection drawing more power than another that is not drawing very much indicates it's a short to the corsair even though it's not. At least that's what someone else said.


I've had this issue before and I think the power supply may be working, just not working with my motherboard ( which I should think is a bit odd/defect ). I mean a power supply should work with any standard motherboard, especially if it's 300+ watts over the normal load of the computer.

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they may work with you on an RMA but having 3 PSUs fail in the same rig is highly unlikely.

might i suggest unplugging everything except the ram, cpu and fan and the 2 MB connectors (pop the cap off the covered 4 / 8 pin connector and use the 8 pin supply from the PSU if you haven't already) and see if it fires up. then add the video card back, then optical drive, hdd etc (obviously shutting down in between) but one at a time just to see which component may be bringing it down.

my first instinct is actually to remove it from the case altogether, ive seen motherboards bow due to a high pressure HSF on the cpu and cause it to short in the case. that really is your best bet to properly diagnose this issue. 3 PSUs going bad really is against the odds, im not claiming its impossible, just very unlikely.


im sure a staff member will pop in the thread once they are open on monday for further advice but for now thats where i would start to diagnose it myself.

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The first that was doa was not in a rig obviously. RMA with newegg

The second failed after 8 months. RMA with corsair

The third I believe is still functioning, just not compatible with my motherboard, or at least it thinks there is a short somewhere where there isn't one.


Given that corsair had done a decent job with the rma ( 1-2 weeks is pretty good compared to some people like gigabyte :laughing: ) I built another system. This is essentially a polar opposite of the first system:


i7, asus p6t x58, silverstone fortress case, ddr3 ram, noctua cooler, 9600GT passive graphics card




4870 ( with fan ), xigmatek cooler, gigabyte ud3p (p45) and e8400 wolfdale core 2 duo.


These 2 systems are very different so I doubt it's an issue with a particular case etc. Not to mention the RMA'd corsair replacement is working fine on my p45 build. If the motherboard was shorting, why would replacing the power supply change anything? Note; I didn't change anything but the PSU and it works.


I don't think my situation is that rare/odd, one died from shipping. One died after 8 months ( not too insane I think ) and just recently I had a corsair half die if that makes sense. It powers the rest of the system but it won't post if connected to the 24 pin. It's definitely not completely dead.


That troubleshooting method proved useful when I couldn't boot with my 4870 ( found out it died after testing in 4 different computers with the same result ). I did disconnect all drives and the graphics card ( just memory + cpu + mobo and a fan ) to see if it could power a fan/boot. It didn't move the fan more than a couple centimeters so I didn't add anything more. If the motherboard bowed out ( not likely since it has a backplate ) wouldn't it short/not start up with another power supply? I troubleshoot pretty well and I can't think of any explanation better than a flawed short detector in the 750tx/incompatiblity with asus p6t se.


Summary: The rig is not the problem as another power supply is running it fine now ( w/o any other power supply ). I like corsair's ram ( paid 400 for dominators a while back :laughing: ) but I'd just like to cut my losses at this point. Perhaps it's just this power supply make, it's not made by seasonic like most power supplies.

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  • Corsair Employees
We can certainly get the PSU replaced for you again, but as for refund you would need to contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" to see what they can do for you. This PSU is compatible with P6T; in fact, we use this setup to do Intel XMP cert.
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