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Possible HX-520 problem - not enough power at startup?


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Hi everyone


Well I have had my trusty HX-520 for 2 years now and it has been a bit picky in its life.


In the beginning everything was fine, I only had an E2160 and a X1950GT.

I stepped up to a 3870, and that was fine too.

Then I crossfired, and problems started surfacing.


When I start my computer, you hear the fans and HDD spin up, but when I went to CF I had about a 70% chance of (almost)normal start, 10% chance of boot loop and 20% chance of BIOS reset. The "normal start" consisted of everything spinning up, then the PC stopping (IE everything off) then the start again and POST. This happened over different 3870s, different configurations and different motherboards.


Anyway keen to get away from those problems I got a 4850. No issue.

Then I got a GTX260 216 OC, and some non-issues surfaced. Now on startup my HDD stop (only for a seccond) and start again (with the usual click the WD gives) and POST comes a little later. Not a problem really, but Im wondering about my HX520.


It is supposed to be able to power all the different setups I have had no problem. Im not looking for a replacement or anything ATM(too much hassle, but may if the problem gets worse or stops me from using a particular setup. )



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