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need to rma power supply


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First I come back to find my name **********e before it showed my name is X t r e e m e


Then you move and close my thread



I put it in warrenty I need to rma power supply that is ok by why censor name you didnt before I used to come here and help members of corsair forum. Now need a rma and this happens. Why did you lock the thread?


The computer was idle then if shut off. I press the power but nothing happened pressed it again and the power supply smoked. I put back in the ******** 500w about 2 weeks ago and it still works.


This means it IS the corsair vx450 power supply the system has worked for about 2 weeks after with another power supply. Corsair vx450 smoked if you shake it it rattles.

This is not spam nor is it a thread that should get locked.

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The part of your name that is *'d out is also the name of a product line of a competitor, so it's caught in the filter. Sorry, no way to allow names through. If you'd like we can change the user name for you. Just PM me if so, and with what you want it changed to.


As for the thread being closed, looks like when Ram Guy moved to the power supply forum it was accidentally closed first. It's easy to do, trust me :) Thread unlocked and merged.


No banana for you RG!

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