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New Rig - S478 to X48 - OMG Help!!


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Hi all - finally arrived in the 21st century yesterday when my new parts arrived.


After putting it all together and powering up for the 1st time (Phew!!) I set everything to auto and the P5E64 decided to overclock the Q9650 to 4.05GHz straight up!! It was confusing as CPU-Z refused to give me an accurate clock speed compared to the BIOS and Everest.


Got into the BIOS - man have they changed since my Abit IC7 - a lot more options and I admit to being a little confused - finally set everything to manual to get the stock speed on 333 FSB.


I have 2 x 2Gb Corsair CM3X2G1800C8D and would appreciate some help configuring it - from what I have read in these forums I need to manually configure the ram according to the info on the RAM stick yes??


I have them in Dimm slots A1 & B1 but have read that the P5E3 Premium you need to have the RAM in DIMM A2 and DIMM B2 - the black slots - is this true for my board as well??


Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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