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Asus P5Q-E and Corsair CM2X2048-6400C4DHX


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I am building a new pc and everything is complete but when I start up I get a blank screen. I'm wondering if the memory may be the problem. I have the following:


Asus P5Q-E motherboard

2 x Corsair CM2X2048-6400C4DHX (4GB in total)


The website where I bought the ram says it is not unbuffered, and the manual for the board says it must be unbuffered, so this might be it. However, I do not know if the website I bought the memory from has the correct information.


Can anyone confirm if this memory should work in this motherboard. If so, does it matter which slots I put them into?

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When you say blank screen, do you mean not even the POST screen shows up? Do you have the internal speaker connected? And if so, are there any beep codes, or just the single beep, "POST passed".


Check the seating of your graphics card, and ensure that any extra 6 (or 8) pin connectors are connected. Also make sure your monitor cable is firmly inserted, a couple of my monitors flicker unless I've screwed the cable in.


Normally, there would be a beep code for no VGA card detected, or the screen would show a message asking extra power connectors to be added (at least my 9700 used to, I haven't forgotten to add my connectors since then). Also there tend to be memory beep codes as well. I haven't checked for a while though, so I don't know much about what to expect. I'd suggest looking in your manual.

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