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Problems with USB Flash Voyager


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Dear Community,

Recently I bought a Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB.

It came in the "box" written 16GB. In the indicator blue light, it's also written 16GB and in the USB conector it's also written 16G.

It's a refurbished product. I have the code.


So, my problem is the following.

When I first connected the USB Stick in the PC, the Everest Software acused a 8GB Stick.

Than I formated in FAT32 and it became a 16GB one.

But, when I saw it was wrtitten:


8GB Used

8GB Free

But the Pen Drive was completely empty.

I'm anxiously waiting for an answer.

Thank You.

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So, in my case, the light works and are written many things on the USB Metal Conector.



RF 07176004-0


It would be great if that numbers (informations) could be analyzed by someone from Corsair's Staff.

Thank You

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I have more questions ! ;D

The following.

The shipment from Brazil to USA is about 60~100 dolars.

A bit expensive, so I need a quick answer !

I'm in Germany until 1. August.

Do you think I would have time to send it and receive back ?

If there's a Corsair RMA in Germany.

Please, answer me quickly, I have a short time !

Thank You 1

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  • Corsair Employees
You would have to send it to Norway would be the closest Facility. I would suggest calling in and talking to our customer service by phone to complete the RMA, please call them at 510-657-8747 Ext "3".
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