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Memory keeps on failing

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I'm having real problems with my machine. I put it together a bit over a year ago and had a nightmare time getting it stable at 1066Mhz until I realised that the the motherboard (Asus P5N-T Deluxe) was supplying 1.85v and the memory wanted 2.2v. Upping the voltage to 2.2v stabilised the machine just fine.


A year later two of the original memory cards have failed (the machine beeps on boot, and refuses to POST) so both pairs of memory cards have been replaced under warranty. The new cards want 2.1v rather than 2.2v and I can't get them to work at 1066Mhz (see previous thread) so I sigh, reduce the voltage and set it to 800Mhz. Unfortunately I am now suffering from daily blue screens and Memtest gives intermittent errors on both pairs of memory cards


So my machine appears to have killed two memory cards completely, and I can't find settings to get the new cards stable :-(


My machine seems to have turned into a memory card killer, but why? I'm running at the correct voltage (2.1v) and all the other settings are on auto. I'm not overclocking and there is plenty of air flow in the machine. Any ideas as to why my memory cards are dying so quickly?

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