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Asus P5B-E Plus and 8500C5D@OC

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I'm after a bit of help on the overclock for this system. Everything works find at stock speeds and no faulty parts.


With this motherboard I set the ram divider which tells the motherboard which SPD settings to use which is fine when not overclocking but when overclocking it will try to use timings way to tight for that speed. (Is this the same with all motherboards?)


Previously I had a DDR2-800 2x1g kit which had lower timings and I could bump the fsb up to 1600 and keep the ram at stock speed with the tight timings. I've now upgraded the ram to a 2x2048 8500C5D and can't get the same overclock on the cpu/fsb again because I think one timing on the motherboard don't go high enough.


This motherboard does not have AUTO options for any timings when SPD is disabled.


Timings I've tried after a bit of research are as follows


Cas 5

Ras to Cas 5

Ras Precharge 5

Ras Activate to Precharge 15

Write Recovery Time 5 (or 6...unsure which is correct)

TRFC 42 ***This is the maximum setting but from what I've read it should be 68 for this memory***


Rank Write to Read Delay 11

Read to Precharge Delay 14

Write to Precharge Delay 10


This is stable at 372 OC with the memory at 465 instead of 533 but I would prefer reaching the magic 400 OC again. I've tried bumping the last four up to the maximum but still no luck.


I tried to install the Asus suite to overclock from the OS but it didn't like Vista and I've tried memset but it wouldn't let me choose 2T timing.


Is there any way around this problem or am I stuck because of that motherboard (which doesn't officially support 1066 ram)?


If there is no way around it should I try for higher ram speed at the loss of processor speed?

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CAS Latency (CL) = 5 CLK

TCWL = 5 ClK






the timmings sould rather be tight than to loose i use the 8500C5Df G the TWIN2X4096 ( 2X2GIG) and i get stable @ 1200 with voltage to 2.3V my motherboard is AMD , so for me i put my NB @ 2200mhz and my HT link @ 2200mhz ,, but for you i see here @




Intel® P965 Chipset

The Intel® P965 Express Chipset is the latest chipset designed to support maximum 8GB dual-channel DDR2 800/667/533 architecture, 1066/800 FSB (front-side-bus), PCI Express x16 graphics and multi-core CPU. It especially includes Intel® Fast Memory Access Technology that significantly optimizes the use of available memory bandwidth and reduces the latency of the memory accesses.


so dont you think 1600 is a little much ??


also P5B-E Plus BIOS V0636 is the new version try updating the bios P5B-E Plus BIOS V0638 is the latest but i dont trust beta versions all to well bios is found @




also her are images of my memory @ 1212mhz check the timmings try use them ,,


TRFC 42 is good but try dropping it to about 30 i get 1250 mhz @ 30 preferd between 22-24 with T2 and also make sure memory hole is disabled , only enable it if you have 4 gig or more . http://s3.amazonaws.com/mocospace-pic/6408/6408/orig/photoalbum_64075104_user12315386-1.jpg





hope i helpd ,, by the way i'm new here HI

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