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TR3X6G1866C9DF Airflow fan is noisy!


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Hey everone! This is my first post.


About a month ago, I purchased the Corsair TR3X6G1866C9DF 6GB kit with airflow fan. Until a few weeks ago, or maybe longer than that, the fan makes a very annoying buzzing sound at high speeds. I've tried everything from setting the speed settings in the BIOS to Silent to switching to different connectors in the motherboard with no luck. Well, I'll set the mode to Silent in the BIOS and it'll be quiet until Windows boots up.


An interesting speculation I found was that when I connected the fan but not attach the airflow unit to the RAM, the buzzing stopped when I have it on a certain angle. :confused: So I know the buzzing sound is coming from the fans itself and not because of poor attachment to the RAM.


Anybody help me please? Thanks!

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I believe they are tested with the fan, so in some cases the extra cooling that the fan provides may help the memory to run at its tested speeds, however in most cases I would suspect that the fan would not be required in order to run at the tested settings.
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