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My H50 Youtube Video


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  • 4 weeks later...
Hi just uploaded my rig on youtube:




Sorry about the low res on it my camcorder is pants


Great video... a few questions for you;


1. My temp is 39C at idle with my 920 OCd to 3.2GHz. It's interesting to see that your machine at 4.0GHz is idling at the same temp, even though I am using less voltage as well (1.15v). Did you replace the stock thermal paste on device is is that stock?


2. I have my pump plugged into the OPT1_FAN connector and my radiator fan plugged into the CPU_FAN connector. Did you modify these settings in the BIOS of the ASUS board? My OPT1_FAN is set to default in the BIOS and I'm not sure about the CPU_FAN.

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