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850HX enough or should I return and get the 1000HX


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Hello all,


I am an previous other company PSU user.


After all the positive reviews and recommendations, I decided to go with the HX850W for a MATX build.


Well, after a couple of backorders, and other issues, I went ahead and built a Full Tower ATX instead.


I kept the HW850W for this setup, will this be enough?


Core i7 920 (will not overclock much, if any)


LG Blu-ray burner

Samsung DVD burner

Current have 2 X GTX 260 - will upgrade to GTX 285 or GTX 285 SLI(Need to use the 2 x GTX 260 in another machine.

Velociraptor 300GB

640GB storage drive

X-fi sound card

HAF 932 case with all fans installed


Am I at my limit for this PSU or do I still have room to upgrade with?


Or should I try and return the HX850W for the HX1000W?


Thank you,



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