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TW3X4G1333C9 and Gigabyte GA-EP45C-DS3


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My problem began with Call of Duty world at war, system crush at 82º C in the GPU, I thought it was a video card problem, I try another video card and the same problem, I tried in another MOBO, and the same, tried more power PSU and the same, I will see later what about the RAM ussage in the system crush moment, I´ve everest log in excel.

After that i ran 3Dmark and no problem, later Beijing 2008 PC game and no problem, with GPU at 90ºC.

Later I came home with my PC from the shop and when I turned ON gave me continuosly short beeps, that means "power error". But I had turned OFF my computer in the shop many times and never happened this.

I got some DDR2 and put them to my PC, and I got the beeps. Then I saw what people said about the DDR and MCH voltages and IMPORTANT, I DON'T WANT TO OVERCLOCK, and I put MCH voltage to 1.26 in the DDR2 and works.

I work for a while and turned OFF.



Yesterday I put my DDR3 and beeps, and I realized that my MOBO put 1.78V in auto to my DDR3, then I put in setup my DDR3 voltage (1.6V) and 1.24V to MCH, everithing OK. Today morning, I turned ON the PC, and beeps, I removed 1 stick and put it again and turned ON and OK, and I realized each time it beeps I saw that setup change back my RAM voltage to auto in the

PC health menu, but I don't know if change back the MCH too, because in the overclock menu everithing it's just like i put it. Then I put 1.6 to DDR3 voltage and 1.2 to MCH and OK but it doesn't means anything.


So, later I will put here CPUz statistics about my RAMs because maybe they are not running at, I'm not very clear on this.

In setup, says that they are in auto and in the left is written 9 9 9 24, but it's like this


Standard Timing Control

CAS Latency Time ------9 ---------- : [Auto]

tRCD ------------------- 9 ---------- : [Auto]

tRP --------------------- 9 ---------- : [Auto]

tRAS ------------------- 24 ---------- : [Auto]


and maybe it's running at something else.


I feel uneasy about the fact that I had beeps and I remove and put back one of my sticks and no beeps and about the fact that beeps began whe I arrived at home, I don't know so much about overclocking, but I suppose that it should be beeping since the first time I put my RAM, or am I wrong?, I could be wrong, but I don't know.


I will try to put the excel information later and the other info I said here.


Help please !!!!!

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