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Corsair GT 16gb Issues with laptops mainly


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I have about 6 laptops (business reasons)


I have to move some files around and keep a fair few versions so 16gb although overkill seemed like a good investment.


Anyway brief outline


opened box,

plugged into desktop wrote files, delete files (all good)

plugged into laptop

copied contents of previous 4gb stick onto corsair GT and tested (all fine)


now I have issues with stability of the stick, it doesn't register with the Laptop for any length of time, 3-4s max


keeps autoplaying and re-running of the standard windows oooh found a disk drive.


If I re-boot the laptop with the device in situ then it generally works fine. but plug and play is troublesome




its almost like it installs the wrong driver at the time of insertion.


or if there is anything else plugged into the ports its unreliable.


I am pretty frustrated at the moment as I have re-cycled my old USB key already and this thing is playing silly.


I have searched the forums and turned of windows being able to power save aside from that no other answers.


Is it duff or do I have bad installer on 6 machines, but not on the desktop




conpaq centrino 1.7 ghx laptop <-only used it twice first time okay and second time on and off like the others

Dell XPS laptop 1.7ghz <-on/off constantly

sony vaio t8400<- okay but only if I reboot with the drive in situ


custom built desktop <- okay

Dell dimension desktop <-okay

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