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Hello Folks,


First post on the forum...


Spoke with the Ram Guy through e-mail a few months back and asked when the LED ram modules would be coming on the market...;):


Well, until they do, I thought I'd pick up some TR3X6G1600C8 for my new build. I've been playing with it for a day or two and I can't seem to get Windows XP installed. I've thrown every trick in the book at this rig I know of...and I haven't gotten anywhere.


Basically, the install hangs at the 35-36 minute mark when it's "Installing Devices." I googled through that topic until 4:00 this morning with no success...


The Blue Screen is an 0x0000000A variety.


The only two parts that are new and haven't been tested "through usage" are the above ram and the new DX58SO motherboard. I've tried installing with 1 hdd, 2...switching up the S-ATA ports etc. I've also tried one stick of ram, two...then three with XMP settings and stock settings. No usb devices etc. No luck.


I'm out of ideas, anyone have an idea or two to pass along? I heard about some trouble with some of Corsair's sticks recently, but I don't know if that affects the one's I purchased. Also, do these new motherboards play nice with Windows XP Pro that only has SP1? I've heard some don't...I could slipstream SP2 in if that is the case.


The hard drives, video cards, psu, keyboard, mouse and monitors came out of my old rig and I haven't had a single problem with them...The CPU came out of a friends rig, and I personally tested it out on his machine before I bought it...I also haven't had any problem with the DX58SO booting up or shutting down...just freezing up when installing XP. I've tried a good 40-50 times with different combinations. Never did the board act in any unusual manner until the blue screen. Then it simply shuts down, but boots right back up without hassle.


In the past when I received this error it was from the memory. One time, the settings weren't quite right(voltage was a tad low if i recall correctly), the other time there was one bad stick in the set. Neither time...it was Corsair ram, I've never had a problem with your sticks before. Precisely why I continue to purchase your products. Quality-Control is a name Corsair appears to be familiar with...smile.


Normally, I'd run memtest and check these out that way, but no legacy devices on this new Intel board and I don't own a usb floppy drive. I do have a bootable flash disk if that would be a work-around?


At any rate, would appreciate any help offered.


Best Regards,


Liquid Cool

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Took the three sticks and put little stickers on them so I wouldn't confuse which is which...


Ran Stick 1, 2, and then 3 for a full pass each. Stick's 1 and 2, no errors. Stick 3 - 7 errors on the first pass...when I received these errors, I went ahead and let it go another pass with no more errors. Two passes total for stick 3, started having errors in the first pass above 90% in Test #8...


Then I put all three in triple channel on the motherboard. With the sticks in their respective order for one full pass. The first try locked up the pc about 10 minutes in. The second try had 10 errors right above the 90%, again in test #8. I did one full pass.


I'm currently running sticks one and two in dual channel going into the second pass with no errors.




Liquid Cool

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To add...


Looks like I solved my Windows XP problem. This new hardware doesn't seem to play nice with Win XP Pro that only has SP1 attached. Ran out to Best Buy for some fresh discs, then slipstreamed SP2 and my Raid drivers into a new disc. Ran into no problems on the install.


I will mention, moving from the original Intel Bad Axe to this new SmackOver board is/was worth every penny..seems legions faster.


I was actually amazed at how prevalent this problem is out there. Do a google search on 34,35, or 36 minute hang up on Windows XP install. Lots of hits, not too many solutions. Some would ask, why are you still running XP? Business pc. Hard to take down and redo. I have pre-purchased a few copies of Win7 and now in the waiting game though.


On the memory front...


I've now run multiple passes on Memtest with each stick. The 3rd stick appears to error in every situation I've thrown at it. Single channel, dual channel, triple channel. Although sticks one and two handled 5 passes on XMP settings and auto with flying colors. It's when I throw the 3rd stick into the mix that I run into problems.


I guess I'll ask...is there anything else I should try before I RMA this stick? Higher/Lower voltages? I suppose if I did RMA, I'd have to give up all three? I happen to like the other two, they seem flexible in their timings...


Again, any advice appreciated.




Liquid Cool

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No need RamGuy...


Your guys we're on the ball...got the package shipped today.


Thanks for everything, I do appreciate it.


Have a good weekend,


Liquid Cool


P.S. Any harder numbers on when the LED ram sticks will be released? and Perhaps the Obsidian 800. The new build will be on the test bench until this case is released. Really what I like see. I think you guys have a winner.

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