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Another RAM problem i think


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Hi, a month ago maybe i started getting blue screens like these:





First,i thought i had some kind of a virus, i was with Win Vista so i reinstalled but the screens didn't stop.Then i installed win 7 and suddenly the screens disappered,but after a week while i was playing a blue screen appeared again.hm..reinstalled still the errors.I ran memtest no errors.I have 2x2 corsiard dominator 8500c5d ver2.1 so i removed one of the sticks and the blue screens disappeared,then i changed them and with the other stick the screens appeared again.I ran memtest on both with 200% pass with no errors.my motherboard bios is updated with the latest bios(GB ep45-ds4) and default settings.previously i had other problem with the RAM then i was getting the atikmdag.sys error all the time and i had replaced the them.So, is it again from them,and what might be the cause of these sudden errors?

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If you did not set the voltage that more than likely will solve the problem.


i set the voltage to 2.1v but still the blue screans appear,and before that several programs crash (appcrash)and then in a few minutes blue screan...what to do?

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You mean to try to set it to 2.2-2.4v ?would't i fry it?


No, you are referring to the memory voltage. Please familiarize yourself with your BIOS. You need to try increasing the memory controller voltage. It could also be referred to as MCH or memory controller hub or NB or North Bridge.

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You will want to search for that stop error code at http://www.microsoft.com/technet and see what it says to trouble shoot.

If its WinXP:


This problem may occur if there is a conflict between Windows XP SP1 and the display adapter drivers that are currently installed.


But if you are not getting errors in memtest then the problem is likely something else.

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