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HX1000 Gone bad.


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I have had it for a year in a few days.


I read your thread on this forum about running TRI SLI and I ordered a 3rd card. I knew I was going to overclock the pc so I removed a thermal electric cooler from coolitsystems.com and replaced it with a water pump DD5, Bilt the pc back together. Replaced my gpu fans with waterblocks and aweek ago it was running fine. How ever my video cards started to artifact, Drives where taking longer and longer to auto detect and my pc started to randomly bluescreen and reboot. I had enough i removed all overclocks and rebooted my pc ran ok for 24hrs then I woke it from sleep mode to my screen being totaly unreadable.


I went through draining my pc I checked my video cards one by one they booted into windows fine. Man what on earth. I ran two in sli booted fine. I ran 3 and it wouldnt boot without artifacting and showing screwed up characters on the screen. I removed it and booted on the 2 i played wow for 8hrs and pc shut down.


Dam I rebooted and it wouldnt find 2 drives and wouldnt boot into windows without hanging and rebooting.


I removed video card drivers and it would load to windows ok but as soon as it auto detected the drivers it would lock up and reboot.


So removed 2nd card from the loop and it boots fine




So Im 100% sure its the psu thats goosed.

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