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I had the same problem. I am using a Corsair 750TX. This is a new build about 6 months old.


About from a week ago, system started to randomly reboot for no reason. It just shuts down and restarts as if nothing happened. After it restarted I went to the logs and there were nothing out of ordinary. These were not frequent. Like once or twice a day. I checked the temps of the cpu and they were OK. And these shut downs were when the cpu was doing virtually nothing. I played games with no problem. So the reboots were completely random.


And yesterday was the last day. I was browsing and it shut down. I waited for it to start back up, because it always restarted. But this time it never came back on. I changed the power cables, changed the wall sockets, nothing. Took off the case and tried again. No mobo LEDs or anything. removed the cables and tried to jump start. Nothing. PSU fan or any molex connected fans weren't working.


Submit a request and still waiting on the reply. How soon do you think they will reply. It has been more than a day now.



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If you have already submitted a ticket then there is no need to also post here. It's best to stick with one form of communication so as not to cause confusion / duplicate work for them.


You haven't gotten a response yet because they haven't seen your ticket yet. As per the notice above, they're closed on weekends.

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