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Random Shutdowns with VX550W


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After spending some time to verify CPU Memory and Board i must point the problem towards the PSU.

The PC is doing hard shutdowns with no warning. Time of use or systemload does'nt matter.

I've changed twice the PSU

a. ******** ModStreamPro 400W

b. CoolerMaster RealPowerM520

and run those for some timetaking tests like "emerge -evpD world" (Gentoo-System).

Both did there Job for nearly two days work without any crash.


Powerware 3110 UPS in front off PSU

So even the ******** is sufficient

So what to do next ? I need some running system.

KE Brunk

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Because the delivery coast sending a 2+kg package from france to netherlands (~25 Euros nearly half of value of the PSU) i look for an opportunity when i'm clooser to netherlands. Probably next month.

So within the meantime I did some other tests. With a brandnew MSI-DKA790GX-Board there are no shutdowns ! but MCE's. Those are exactly at the same frequence. Independent of time (saying around 1h ok - after that it couldt crash directly or after 1 to 5 hours more) or systemload the system freezes with this Board but is not switching off power completly. The Fans still running, discs turing. I dont know what does make the differenz between the boards. In spite of the processor the use the same kernel-configuration (ACPI + APM). So at the moment I will go on and put the thing outside the Box (internal Box temperature ~32°C) and will see what will happen. I will tell you.

So just give me a hint, if there is a problem arising because the PSU will maybe arrive as recently as in august. If it causes a problem i will send it immediatly from here.



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